From traversing across mountain ridges 1,600 metres high and flying down snow-covered slopes at 60 kilometres per hour to soaking up that last rays of summer on a southern Sydney beach, this blog will take you to heights and places unknown.


When I was 2 years old, my parents took my older sister and I on a holiday to Fiji’s Plantation Island. I don’t remember much but I’m constantly told it was agony – mostly for them. On the second day, I cut my foot on a shell – something that only took a couple of days to heal. Staying true to my drama queen aesthetic I decided I would not be walking for the rest of the holiday and would need to be carried everywhere.

So that is where it all began. I’m still just as dramatic – just ask my boyfriend how enjoyable our 8-hour hike in New Hampshire was. Since then I’ve been to 4 continents, 15 countries and countless cities. I’ve studied abroad and spent all my savings on one in a lifetime experiences.

Home is an hour south of Sydney, where farmland meets the sea. When I’m not writing or on the 9-5 grind you’ll find me riding my horses, soaking up sun at the beach, hitting the slopes or jet-setting across the world in search of a new adventure.

Happy Reading x

2019 Bucket List

  • Master a new skill
  • Get published
  • Learn Spanish
  • Go on a wellbeing retreat
  • Start a new job
  • Create something amazing
  • Do something out of my comfort zone
  • Travel somewhere new
  • Hike Pigeon House mountain
  • Graduate
  • Paddle board at sunset
  • Volunteer
  • Start writing a novel
  • Go fat biking
  • Sleep under the stars


A Week of Wins & Woes For Womankind

A NEW WEEKLY SEGMENT DEDICATED TO ALL THINGS WOMANKIND – CELEBRATING OUR TRIUMPHS, RECAPPING THE NEWS AND HAVING A SERIOUS CONVERSATION ABOUT VIOLENCE AND INEQUALITY. Lets start with the WINS! Wimbledon’s Rising Star 15-year-old Cori “Coco” Gauff has made headlines around the world, after defeating Venus Williams, a five time Wimbledon singles champion,  Magdalena Rybarikova, and …