Perfect Date Ideas To Spice Up Your Post-Iso Life

Hey all you cool cats and kittens, it’s Georgia reporting to you from the depths of isolation. It’s day 23 and I’ve spent much of this quarancoma in a black hole of Tiger King memes, TikTok scrolling and FaceTiming at least five people every day (a real roller-coaster to say the least).

And while I have been doing my best to stay positive, all I really want is someone to eat Ben & Jerry’s and create Carole Baskin conspiracy theories with. (Do I want a relationship or am I just bored???)

So to keep me going through this overwhelming, frustrating and generally crazy time in all our lives, I’ve come up with a few top date ideas to look forward to once we can finally all be within six feet of each other.

Behold, your post-iso date bible.

1. Spontaneous road trip

It’s always been my dream to rock up at an airport and say “two tickets for the next plane out of here please” — a reality that (sadly) no longer exists. The next best thing? A spur-of-the-moment road trip. Adventuring into the unknown with your boo is an exhilarating change of pace, especially if you (like me) tend to be a stickler for plans and organisation. Bonus points if you drive without a place in mind and let the road lead you to your destination (hoping you don’t end up in Wild Creek though).

Expectation vs. reality.

2. Op-shop outfits

Weird flex, but hear me out. You start your date at a thrift store and walk out Macklemore style in a wild, crazy, super fun outfit, then spend the day doing retro activities like roller-skating or building forts and watching Ferris Bueller’s Day Off for the 26th time. I’m thinking baggy jeans, an inappropriate logo tee and *loud* fleecy sweater. And why not throw in a pair of speedies to seal the deal? A guy that can goof around on a date is a serious keeper in my eyes.

Joe Exotic, that you?

3. Hiking picnic

After being couped up inside for so long, we’re all pretty much dying to get out. And what’s not to love about hiking? It’s therapeutic, a release from all that pent up anxiety and you feel like you’ve earned the right to consume excessive amounts of cheese and wine at the end (that checks out right?). Hiking is the ultimate date, really, especially if your boo is an outdoorsy kind of guy/gal. Perks include breathtaking views (worth the whinging), not having to dress to impress and popping champagne at high altitudes.

Romance isn’t dead ❤

4. Pottery class

Cheesy? Yes. Cliché? Possibly. Hugely romantic? Abso-fucking-lutely. Picture Demi Moore and Patrick Dempsey in Ghost — that’s the kind of heat I’m going for. But the reality is more like clay-covered hands, a wonky mug/vase and seeing your S.O. get frustrated over a pile of literal mud. Still seems appealing to me, though — hbu?

I just want someone that looks at me the way Patrick looks at Demi.

5. Midnight beach jaunt

Confession time: I went for a sneaky midnight beach swim pre-lockdown and it totally lived up to the hype. It’s definitely not illegal per say, but I find the whole sneaking around in the dark thing quite appealing (sorry mum). The rush of the cold and pull of the waves is enough to get your heart pounding and remind you that it is potentially dangerous. Just make sure both of you can actually swim and that no alcohol is involved, bc that would just be dumb.

Water looks chilly though.
via @thoughtcatalog

6. Salsa classes

Talk about turning up the HEAT. There’s nothing sexier than a man that can dance (and no I’m not talking about stripping, but that could be a fun after-class activity too), let alone one that knows how and when to take the lead. Aside from awkwardly sexily grinding up on each other, it’s fun and playful — perfect for breaking the ice a few dates in or maybe reigniting the spark between if you’re a long-term pairing (here’s hoping you make it through without being fed to the tigers homie).

Get it Zac.

7. Facemask and chill

Forget Netflix and chill, and also #quarantineandchill. This trend is here to stay. No doubt your girl has become a masking fiend over the isolation period. Lunch break? Facemask. Houseparty catch-up with your high school mates? Facemask. Bored? Facemask. And you best believe she’s not going to drop this self-care essential once the shit-show that is covid-19 comes to an end — it’s done wonders for her skin and her soul. So if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. I promise your skin will never look better, it’s a true life-changer.

Couple goals.
via @dualipa

8. Sleep under the stars

Idk what it is about celestial bodies and romance, but the two seem to forever go hand-in-hand, from astrology to poetry to Shakespeare’s star cross’d lovers (RIP you guys). This is one of those dates I’ve always wanted to go on, sleeping out under a navy blue blanket of twinkling lights — sans bugs pls. It’s the perfect opportunity to get cosy and recite invent a bunch of constellation names. Plus it’s super romantic so bring a blanket, a bottle of wine (and snacks) and get ready to snuggle up.

Need a little of this in my life.
via @elisecook

9. Paddle boarding

You may be sensing a pattern here, but getting out of the house is going to be a PRIORITY, so you may as well make it fun and adventurous. Hire a SUP or two and head out to a lake or the ocean. One of you is bound to fall off (or push the other off) so laughs are guaranteed, plus you’ll be getting exercise and soaking up some vitamin D while you’re at it.

Ah, the serenity.
via @skyeyesimages

10. Go pub hopping

It’s your standard, fuss-free date, with a twist. This is a perfect choice when a) she says “Idk, you pick” when you ask what she wants and you have literally no clue or b) you’re iso menu has consisted mostly of pasta and rice so you’re ready to eat anything and everything you see. Pick a strip/suburb/city and have a different course at multiple eateries in the area. You can pre-plan a few of your venues, but the best part of this will be strolling along til you find a place that vibes with your mood and your taste. Start at a low-key dive bar and finish at a dessert bar. Bonus stop? Somewhere with a dance floor so you can show her how to throw it back and what not. Time to get ya boogie on.

Bless this couple.

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