Fenty Skin: Here’s Everything We Know So Far

RiRi has been sending waves through the world of beauty since the release of Fenty Beauty in 2017. The line has been praised as a game-changer for diversity, especially the Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation, available in 50 shades.

The brand itself has coined a whole new buzzword throughout the beauty industry, with the “Fenty Effect” ensuring a focus on diversity and inclusion, making a 40-shade range the industry standard.

You asked for more Fenty Beauty, and Rihanna delivered with the Pro Kiss’r Scrub and Balm duo, Invisimatt Blotting Powder and Paper, and luminous Body Lava oil.

Now ya girl is back with a gender-neutral skincare range, dropping on July 31. She’s recruited the likes of Lil Nas X, A$AP Rocky, Halima Aden and Paloma Elsesser to showcase her latest line with a luxurious pool party promo complete with glowing skin and a first look at three of the launch products — a cleanser, toner-serum hybrid and SPF-infused moisturiser (take my money).

“Skincare, it’s the truth. It either works or it doesn’t. There’s nowhere to hide,” Rihanna told British Vogue back in March. There’s nothing better than honest, clean skincare to deliver a perfectly prepped canvas, and RiRi’s done her part to ensure eco-friendly packaging and product testing on a range of different skin types, tones and textures.

In April, Page Six reported “Fenty Skin” as a new trademark that included “medicated and non-medicated skincare, soap, body care and personal care products (excluding color cosmetics, perfume and other fragrance-only products), and related accessories such as kits, tools and applicators.”

So far, six product names have been trade-marked and confirmed, so you’ll be covered from cleanser to SPF:

– Total Cleans’r

– Buff Ryder

– Instant Reset

– Fat Water

– Flash Nap

– Hydra Vizor

The art direction. The GLOW. I can literally feel the summer air just by looking at this campaign, and it’s still the middle of winter here in Sydney…

Time is yet to tell if the line’s products will live up to the brand tagline “The new culture of skincare”. But I’m so here for anything and everything that Rihanna does, so you best believe I’ve already signed up for early access to Fenty Skin on July 29.

And honestly, I cannot get enough of the campaign visuals or Queen Ri’s sassy replies, captions and product names.

Gimme that skin-brightening, pore-tightening goodness and call me Robyn. I’m ready.

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