At age 7, I dreamt of becoming a ballerina.

At age 12, I dreamt of becoming a police officer.

At age 16, I just wanted to be Carrie Bradshaw, living in an apartment on Jane St, writing for a living, drinking Cosmos, falling in love and hanging with my girls.

I had so many dream jobs and goals growing up that I’ve basically lost count. Writing and becoming an editor was the one consistent dream, as always at the back of my mind. And so United States of Georgia was born.

This blog, like me, is a little bit jumbled, comprised of tiny snippets of my life — adventures, heartbreaks, activism, love, empowerment and all things beauty. I’ve found excitement through beauty writing and empowering womxn of all walks of life, served with a side of sass to keep it real.

Home for me is an hour south of Sydney, where farmland meets the sea. When I’m not reading or on the 9-5 grind you’ll find me riding my horses, soaking up sun at the beach (lathered in SPF ofc), perfecting my latest skincare routine or jet-setting across the world in search of my next adventure.

Happy Reading x

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